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FWI MUSIC HERITAGE stands for FRENCH WEST INDIES MUSIC HERITAGE. is FRENCH WEST INDIES MUSIC HERITAGE., or literally in French, the Musical heritage of the French West Indies.
Although an English acronym, FWI is a term with which the Franco-Caribbean are accustomed to designate their territories, their cultures and identities.It is also a pun with the English word “free" free to underline our freedom of tone, treatment and content.

FWI MUSIC HERITAGE (FMH) is an information and resource portal specializing in the music, dances and forms of orality of the French Antilles-Guyana.

FMH wants to be the platform for the heritage left behind and to be built in these regions, through all its fields of expression_tradition, modernity, contemporary, experimental,fusion_with a view to:

  • Highlighted;
  • Duty of memory;
  • Tribute and Respect;;
  • Transmission;;
  • Inter-generationality..

FMH intends to present, explain and highlight these cultures, across a very broad spectrum that includes:

  • musical works,
  • the artists,
  • instruments,
  • as well as the professional world of music and dance (Producers, Managers, Sound Technicians etc).

The field of treatment by FMH includes of course the culture experimented in Guadeloupe, French Guyana, Martinique and St Martin,but also in Mainland France.

Some transgressions towards mainly Haïti, Dominica, St Lucia, but also sometimes the Caribbean wider and the USA will take place, for better understand the various influences of these French regions of the Caribbean, interconnected with their geographical and cultural environment.

FMH is a slow media which favors the quality of the content rather than the speed imposed by burning news or surfing the buzz. We prefer to navigate at our own pace, through musical styles and eras.Thanks for reading and helping us grow.

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