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Connecting to the website and browsing any of its web pages may result in the installation of cookies on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Users are informed that, when accessing the site, information may be temporarily stored in memory on their hard drive in order to facilitate navigation.

What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a small file that saves Internet settings. It is downloaded through a browser when you first visit a website. When you return to this site using the same computer, the browser can check whether a corresponding cookie is present and use the data contained in this cookie to transmit it to the site.

Cookies used and their purposes uses Google Analytics cookies. The information collected via Google Analytics analysis cookies makes it possible to measure the number of visits, the number of page views, the activity of visitors to the site as well as their frequency of return in order to better adapt the site to user requests and improve the interest and ergonomics of

For a presentation of Google's data security and privacy policy, we invite you to visit

To find out how to disable Google Analytics tracking, we invite you to visit https://

Fwimusicheritage.comutilise également les cookies de réseaux sociaux pour permettre aux utilisateurs qui le souhaitent de partager un article du blog sur les réseaux sociaux.

En continuant d’utiliser Fwimusicheritage.comen connaissance des informations détaillées ci-dessus, vous acceptez expressément l’utilisation de tels cookies.

Control and delete cookies

To control cookies, most browsers allow you to accept or reject all cookies, accept only certain types of cookies, or prompt you each time a site wants to save a cookie. It is also easy to delete cookies that have been saved on your computer by a browser.

It is possible to oppose the installation of cookies by configuring your Internet browser as follows:

For Safari: Choose the "Edit" menu then "Preferences" and Click on the "Security" icon; Select the desired cookie options.

For Mozilla Firefox: Choose the "Tools" menu then "Options" and Click on the "Privacy" icon; Select the desired cookie options.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8 (Microsoft): Choose the "Tools" menu, then "Internet Options" and Click on the "Privacy" tab "; Select the desired level using the cursor.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 9: Choose the "Tools" menu, then "Internet Options" and Click on the "Privacy" tab; under "Settings", move the cursor up to block all cookies or down to allow all cookies, before clicking OK.

For Chrome: Choose the "Settings" menu, then "Privacy" and Click on the "Content Settings" tab; Select the desired cookie options.

For Netscape 6.X and 7. X: Choose "Edit", "Preferences", then Privacy and Security / Cookies.

For Opera 6.0 and above: choose "File", "Preferences", then "Privacy".

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