Musical Heritage of the French West Indies-Guyana

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REPRIZ : Miserere Nobis

Miserere Nobis, a classic from the Martinican group of cadence music, E+, taken over by JM Harmony, another heavyweight in Martinican music.

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Happy New Year 2023!

Toute l’équipe de FWI MUSIC HERITAGE vous souhaite ses meilleurs voeux.
Nous espérons grandir ensemble et porter haut nos musiques et cultures.

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Daniel Forestal the flamboyant

Daniel Forestal is a singer-guitarist, a must in Guadeloupean music. Cantor of tradition and enlightened transmitter, he trained many young people for the career of an artist.

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Barel Coppet, the Martinican tradition until the end of the breath

Barel Coppet, an outstanding musician, considered the last of the clarinettists in the pure Martinican tradition, is of all the Caribbean musicians who have known glory in Europe, the only one to have been in a lasting way, the conductor of the two mythical places of French Caribbean music in Paris, Le Bal Blomet and La Canne à Sucre.

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FWI MUSIC HERITAGE (FMH) is an information and resource portal specialized in the music, dance and forms of orality of the French Antilles and Guyana.


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