The Rum Route-Destination Guadeloupe is the queen of solo transatlantic races. It musically inspires a shock duo: Loïc Emboulé, Misié Sadik

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In 2018, the first and to date, the only song linked to the Rum Route was released. This is "Pèp an mwen", official song of "Run for Guadeloupe", in support of the Guadeloupean skipper, Carl Chipotel.

An obvious duo

Loïc Emboulé, accompanied by his group NiiUka is the composer. For the lyrics and interpretation, he teams up with Misié Sadik, for a duet that flows naturally.

Loïc Emboulé

In addition, Misié Sadik is the godfather of Carl Chipotel's boat, "Pèp Gwadloup" which he christens in the presence of Ary Chalus, President of the Region and Annick Girardin, Minister of French Overseas Territories.

Misié Sadik and Carl Chipotel

Guest musicians such as James Champare (MAs), José Flamand (accordion, flute, Bagpipes) Didier Tian (Guitar) magnify the ensemble and add the little extra soul.

A hymn to the sea

The song evokes the journey, the sea on a tune that is both melancholic and lyrical..

The starting and ending points are somewhat reversed, since the piece ends with a little nod to Saint-Malo, through the bagpipes.

This hymn to the sea highlights the values ​​of transcendence, courage, the desire to shine for its people, the latter supporting and carrying it throughout this odyssey, on the way there and on the return.

The two artists recount the genesis of the song:

A lucky song

History does not tell us if the song gave Carl Chipotel wings at sea.

Nevertheless, aboard his monohull Pèp Gwadloup, the professional firefighter finished after a grueling race, in 26th place in the Class 40 category and crossed the finish line at 5:18 a.m. on December 1, 2018, after 26 days, 20 hours, 18 minutes and 3 seconds at sea. A more than respectable place.

A school classic

Originally chosen by several schools to carry out work with children around the rum route and Carl Chipotel, this song has become a classic in the school environment. Many choirs perform it like here Ti Koral an nou of Sainte-Rose, in 2019, in Canada, during a performance at St Phillipe Church in Windsor.



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