Nicknamed "the singer with the golden voice", Claudy Largen died in Martinique on August 10, 2021, at the age of 71 following a long illness.

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This chubby face, this wide smile, this bonhomie have accompanied generations of Martinicans over nearly 47 years of career.
Ardent defender of traditional music, cantor of spiritual music and lover of romantic song, Claudy Largen, had this gift of being able to modulate his voice and pass from low to high notes.

This native of the town of Sainte-Luce, in the south of Martinique grew up listening to what was trendy at the time, namely romantic songs and operettas, embodied by French stars Tino Rossi, Maurice Chevalier, Dario Moreno or even Luis Mariano.

Rapid artistic debut

After artistic beginnings with her sister Rosy, Claudy Largen was spotted at the age of 21 by composer Claude Confiant who launched her career.

His first success, "Yo volè ti coq Titine la" won Biguine's first prize at the Oscars for Creole Song.

Decisive encounters

Popular singer-guitarist, the career of Claudy Largen, teacher of mathematics and music, is made of decisive encounters:

First, as we said, his long collaboration with Claude Confiant.

Then the meeting with Father Elie and his famous choir from the Leeward Islands, who taught him how to put his voice.
Indeed, Claudy Largen is a soloist on the choir's 1977 album, which features the song "Honoré", a huge Christmas hit written by Claude Confiant.

Finally, the meeting with the great songwriter Fernand Donatien, of whom he became one of the interpreters, alongside Laurent Larode.
One of his outstanding successes with Stardust, the orchestra of Fernand Donatien, is “Pou 3 francs“.

Defender of tradition

La tradition, il l’a défendu jusqu’au bout. Après l’amère constat que les jeunes martiniquais ne connaissaient pas leurs musiques traditionnelles, il présente en duo avec son fils, Nicolas, la mazurka « Poutchi » sur son dernier album « Mon île, mon EDEN ». 

Charming singer

Biguine, mazurka, bolero, waltz Claudy Largen could sing anything, but love songs really made her successful.

Spirituals songs

In the middle of his life, the spiritual quest and the need to praise the Eternal in music were felt.

His last collaboration in this register, was made in particular with José Versol, on the spiritual album of this one, ABBA, of which he interprets the title "I come".

Colorful shows

His shows, reflecting the different repertoires he had touched, were characterized by great generosity and great respect from the public.

The latest, entitled "Tribute in three stages" was the one he gave at the Atrium on May 11, 2019, with a plethora of guest artists: Michel Thimon, Timothey Hérelle, his sons Nolan and Nicolas Largen , Manuel Sainte-Rose, Claudine Pennont, Daniel Ravaud, the “Pomm' Kanel” and “Tchè Kréyol” ballets.

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