Miserere Nobis, a classic from the Martinican group of cadence music, E+, taken over by JM Harmony, another heavyweight in Martinican music.
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The original : E+ (1981)

We are in 1981.
The Martinican musician Fred Désir (piano, organ, synth), former member of the Playboys (Voulez-Vous Danser Grand-Mère?) has been active since 1979 in the group of cadence, E+, created by maestro Eugène "Géno" Exilie.

The group includes among others:

Jean-Paul “Paulo” Albin, the legendary voice of La Perfecta (vocals, backing vocals),
Daniel Ravaud, co-founder of La Perfecta (trumpet ),
Dédé Saint-Prix (percussion, backing vocals)
• and Joel Zabulon (bass), future co-founder of JM Harmony.

Fred Désir is the songwriter of Miserere Nobis, which is released on the band's third album, with Albert Buval on vocals.

Over time Miserere Nobis has become a great classic of Martinican music.


1995 : Miserere Nobis cover by JM Harmony


In 1995 JM Harmony records a cover of Miserere Nobis, on their 13th album namedAct 13 Scene 11.

Of course we find there Joël Zabulon, already present on the original track.
Paulo Albin, after having played in several bands (Perfecta, E+, Operation 78…) then became part of JM Harmony.

While the original version is sung by a solo singer, Albert Buval, on the JM Harmony version there is a host of artists who take up this standard in their own way.

In order of appearance we find:
Pipo Gertrude, Olivier Jean-Alphonse, Florence Renard, Diego Pelaez, Jean-Louis Morville, Emmanuel Granier, Patrick Larade, Paulo Albin, Patrick Adèle-Amélie, Jöel Zabulon, Jean-Pierre Zabulon.

2012 : Live cover by JM Harmony of Miserere Nobis

In 2012, for JM Harmony's 30-year career celebration, Miserere Nobis was performed in concert at the Grand Carbet in Fort-de-France in Martinique.

Jean-Louis Morville and Patrick Adèle-Amélie (and a little bit Joël Zabulon) are the only ones in charge of this hit, not only from the E+ group, but also from JM Harmony .



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