Since his death in 2010, many tributes have been paid to French West Indian crooner Patrick Saint-Eloi.

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September 18, 2010 deceased in Guadeloupe, at the age of 52, the immense Patrick Saint-Eloi, singer, creator of Zouk Love music, pillar of the Kassav band, in which he officiated for more than 20 years.

His romanticism, his way of making love sound with Creole words, his falsetto, but also his very committed titles marked an entire generation.

Let's see how, his peers, the Kassav Band, artists of all generations have paid tribute to the one who was affectionately called "PSE".

2010: The spontaneous tributes of Tanya Saint-Val and Tony Chasseur

The title "An té vlé diw" which came out in 2010, appears on the album "Tanyamania 25 years".

Author: Eric Lefèvre/composer: Tanya St Val /bass: Frédéric Caracas/programming + guitar: José Verdol /backing vocals: Jessy Bilon & TSV/piano: Lenny Ragot / additional drums: José Zébina

Also in 2010, the song simply titled “PSE“, on which Claudine Pennont features, is a bonus track from the album “Gil Tony'K” by Martinicans Gilles Voyer and Tony Chasseur.

2013: Kassav dedicates the album "Sonjé" to PSE


On their 16th album, the Kassav band revives the memories and retraces the journey of their former colleague within the group in which he shone, in an album soberly called "Sonjé" (Remember).

A special title, "Sonjé PSE" in tribute to Patrick, appears there, sung and composed by Jean-Philippe Marthély, his sidekick with whom he had published two duet albums , under the name Martéloi.

2014: The musical "Generation Saint-Eloi"


Patrice Kancel (Author/Director), Joseph Dunoyer (producer) and Patrick Marie-Joseph (Music director) are putting together a musical traces the work of Patrick Saint-Eloi with twelve singing stars.
Carried by an orchestra of 17 musicians (some of whom have played with PSE), the 2.5 hour show features all the crooner's hits, through the voices of:

Thierry Cham, Princess Lover, Axel Tony, Perle Lama, Daly, Tina Ly, Medhy Custos, Florence Naprix, Patrice Hulman, Béatrice Civaton, Fred Deshayes
And the actors: Patrice Kancel , Jean-Marc Joachim.,

The pitch:
Elucien, a man in his forties, is a fan of Patrick Saint Eloi, his songs rocked his youth, he met his wife there and the lyrics of the songs of the artist accompanied him all his life.

Having won a large sum at the races, he decides to realize his dream: To revive the PSE magic and above all to explain to his nephew who grew up in the metropolis outside the community of St Eloi.

Now rich, Elucien organizes near his home a big live musical event around his idol with the help of some singers and musicians friends he had the opportunity to meet...

Génération Saint-Eloi is performed in France on May 31 at Dock Pullman in Plaine-Saint-Denis (93), before touring in Guadeloupe and Martinique.

2016: The new generation sings PSE


Passion Saint-Eloi is the vibrant tribute of the entire young Caribbean scene to the essential crooner Patrick Saint Eloi.
Very diverse artists immerse themselves in the universe of the "master" and reinterpret their way the greatest hits of PSE:
Carimi/Daly/Methi's/Antonny Drew/Nesly/Thierry Cham/Milca/ Kennenga/Swé/Saël/Lynnsha/Warren/Joyce/Kaysha/K- Reen/Drex

At the initiative of this collective discographic tribute, Rhudy Pinel-Féréol, son of "PSE", with the precious advice of Jacob Desvarieux (Kassav). The album specifies Vol.1, impliying that there would be other volumes, but to date it is the only one of its kind.

2017: A Grand Méchant zouk show (Big Bad Zouk) Special Patrick Saint-Éloi

It took 4 years for the Kassav, band, between its phonographic tribute to PSE in 2013 and a celebration of the memory of PSE live in October 2017, during the 7th edition of the Grand Méchant Zouk (GMZ) at the Zénith de Paris, entirely devoted for the occasion to the repertoire of Patrick Saint-Eloi.

The GMZ is a great show bringing together all the stars of zouk music who sing together, the songs of each other, an All Stars Band.

Under the orchestration of Jacob Desvarieux and the artistic direction of Tony Chasseur, his former colleagues from Kassav and various artists pay tribute to him on stage.

IMG_artistes au GMZ 2017

Featuring Jacob Desvarieux, Jocelyne Béroard, Georges Décimus, Jean-Philippe Marthély, Jean-Claude Naimro, Frédéric Caracas, Tanya Saint-Val, Perle Lama, Methi’s, Phylisia Ross, Thierry Cham, Tony Chasseur, Kennenga, D. Daly, Pascal Vallot, Patrice Hulman, Antonny Drew, Richard Cavé, Baylavwa…

2020: Release of a posthumous unreleased track by Patrick Saint-Eloi

In 2020, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of his disappearance, on the eve of October 20, the singer's birth date, a posthumous unreleased track is posted online, to the greatest surprise and happiness of fans. Despite several years in the closets, this title, "Nou pa dako" ("We do not agree"), about the tribulations of this world, is more relevant than ever.
Musician Frédéric Caracas, a faithful friend and traveling companion, signed the arrangements of the title of which PSE is the author-composer.

2022: Tricia Evy …when jazz pays homage to PSE

Tricia Evy, Guadeloupean jazz singer, fan of PSE, pays a vibrant tribute to him in her own way, in a voice, piano, guitar format. We see her here, at the Gwadloup Festival accompanied on the piano by David Fackeure. In 2022, she will deliver on the stage of the Jazz club, Le Baiser salé, her interpretation of the repertoire of Patrick Saint-Eloi.

18 septembre 2022 : l'hommage personnel de Warren


C’est la date anniversaire du 18 septembre, que le chanteur-producteur guyanais Warren a choisi de sortir son single « H2O », reprise d’un succès de PSE de 2007.

Il s’agit du 5e single de Warren issu de son double album Back To Basics 1980, sorti en février et mai dernier.

Warren justifie la raison de cet hommage par les termes suivants : 

“Patrick, je te rends cet hommage pour te prouver que mon amour pour toi restera éternel. Tu a été le premier des GRANDS à nous tendre la main Fanny J et moi, jeunes Guyanais débarquant de nulle part. Tu as scellé cette affection en nous invitant à ton dernier concert hommage, dans la commune du Moule en Guadeloupe. Tu as alors montré au monde entier que tu étais vivant. Aujourd’hui, voilà 12 ans que tu nous a quittés, regarde à quel point tu es… IMMORTEL“.




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