In 2014, artists collectively pay tribute to the victims of the West Caribbean air crash.

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IMG_ avion West Caribbean impliqué
The aircraft involved (HK-4374X) from West Caribbean, photographed in July 2005, 1 month before the air crash. © Wikipedia

On August 16, 2005, flight 708, bound for Fort-de-France, of the Colombian company West Caribbean, chartered by a Martinican travel agency, crashed in a mountainous region, west of Venezuela.

The toll is heavy: 160 victims, including 152 Martinican passengers, returning from vacation in Panama and the 8 crew members.

It is a real trauma for Martinique, a considerable human loss on the scale of its 360,000 inhabitants. 


The families of victims of the West Caribbean air crash are uniting to shed light on the causes of the accident, defend their rights and pay tribute to the missing, in a collective, named A.V.C.A. (The Air Disaster Victims Association of August 16, 2005).

In 2014, in order to raise funds, the AVCA, which does not receive any subsidies, had the idea of ​​organizing a solidarity concert. To announce this event, a song written by Serge BILE and set to music by Renaud RINTO, who ceded their rights to the association, is created.

"On 'n'oublie pas "(We don't forget)

The explicit song is called "We don't forget", to remind us of the determination of the AVCA collective, with a view to appease the ills of families and legal proceedings. 

Committed artists

12 artists lend their voices to pay tribute to the 152 Martinican victims of the August 16, 2005 crash:

  • Jocelyne Béroard
    Alpha Blondy
    Tanya Saint-Val
    Admiral T
    Léa Galva,
    Danielle René-Corail
    Jean-Luc Guanel
    Valérie Louri
    Suzy Trébeau
    Jean-Marie Ragald
    Chris Combette

To them are added the Martinican journalist Harry Roselmack and a 10-year-old girl, Corie.





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