Amazing and inspiring journey of Barone, who despite the rigor of herwork as an oncologist, pursues her dreams as an artist and continues to express herself in songs.

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Joëlle Otz-Barone

Joëlle Otz, Barone, by her artist name, had a passion for music very early on. She studied music theory then wrote her first texts in middle school. But far from being torn between studies and music, she has chosen to embrace everything.

Her bachelor's degree in hand, she left her native Guadeloupe and went to study medicine in continental France, a long priesthood equivalent to bac plus eleven, six years of medical school in Paris plus five years of internship and specialization.

Oncologist-radiation therapist

A 34-year-old oncologist-radiation therapist, Joëlle Otz has been practicing since 2016 at the Institut Curie de Saint-Cloud, in France.

In 2015, Joëlle Otz was the subject of a TV report:

Alongside her "serious" profession, highly respectable and engaging, she is an accomplished artist, with a long musical career behind her, which began in Guadeloupe. Music never left her, wherever she went.

Music…even in hospitals

After her studies in Paris, Joëlle Otz was hired in 2011 at the University Hospital of Brest. Far from the Caribbean scenes and her initial universe of Hip-hop, dancehall, zouk and RnB, she does not give up music and feeds on other experiences. She flourished for two years in Trafalgar Jazz, a group of medical musicians.

Fight against cancer and music therapy

In 2019, for the first time, Barone composed a song related to his professional world, the fight against cancer, to help better understand the disease.
From an EP album of 7 titles entitled "Solar", the song "Fire" touches hearts with its simple, inspiring and soothing lyrics.
Thanks to crowdfunding the clip of "Fire" directed by the Guadeloupean Élodie Paul is born.

Part of the funds raised is donated to the Guadeloupe committee of the league against cancer..

In 2022, on the occasion of Pink October, she sang the song "Destinée"[Destiny] in the company of a host of female artists, produced by the association C-Vryne, to fight against breast cancer.

A long artistic career in eclectic styles

To really know Barone's career, you have to go back to the early 2000s, when she was very young when she posed on compilations, evolved in collectives, tried her hand at all styles….

In 2006, we hear her on Rev an mwen or Hot Baby

Then, in a Creole hip hop register she sings in duet with Marvel Zod or with Dawa

In 2013, Barone released his first album entitled "Boom Heart" (G-zup).

In 2015, she is on the compilation SummerTrip Riddim, with Sea Sex & Sun, in this clip in which we can see the singer Swé.

She is back again on the 2018 compilation SummerTrip Riddim with "On my way"

From now on, Barone has chosen to sing about positive love. The more mature artist now celebrates life.
In 2022, she offers JTM, from the album "Solar", an imaginary journey between dream, sweetness and childhood.

Joëlle Otz hopes to return home to Guadeloupe and is awaiting the opening of a technical platform in the new University Hospital. But his appetite for music does not wait for him and is expressed regularly.




Martinican, passionate about culture and music of all kinds. Greater Caribbean specialist.

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